ThinkGlobal Lviv

An innovative private school

ThinkGlobal Lviv School is an educational platform that prepares bright individuals with new thinking who will be able to make a difference to the environment, our country, and the world.
▪ A uniquely designed educational program gives every child profound knowledge and prepares for the future.
▪ We educate future top executives, social system architects, intellectual leaders, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and government officials.
▪ English study groups are formed not based on the year of study but the level of English knowledge.
▪ After finishing ThinkGlobal Lviv, students receive two certificates, a Ukrainian and an American one, which gives a right to enter educational institutions in the US.
▪ Classes contain no more than 15 students.
▪ For 1st grade pupils, we have an introductory assessment of the children’s readiness for school, which aims to help parents evaluate whether it’s reasonable for their child to enter the school in the current school year.
▪ Students have English classes every day. 
Besides, every fifth class in each subject is also conducted in English. There’re also classes with Native Speakers once a week.

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