EBI Plus

Renovation Services & Interior Design

Would you like to make your home functional and organized?Or maybe you`re looking for experts who will make perfect merch products for your organization?
EBI PLUS is the company that will put all your design ideas into practice, anything from interior or furniture to merch products. Among its clients are such well-known companies as Newfire Partners, Vodafone, Lifecell, Milla Nova, Persona Lux, AVALON.
The company has been operating on the market for more than 9 years. During this time, EBI PLUS created hundreds of stylish interiors and completed various dismantling, construction, electrical, and plumbing works. 
If you want to visualize your creative ideas, contact our exclusive partner EBI PLUS.
The company gives -5% discount for individual ordersFor companies, the discount is -10%.
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